Everyone, EVERYONE, is creative.
Everyone is an artist. You just need to find a way to let that creativity out.

I found mine. My art is about people, if not people themselves.

I am naturally drawn to listen, to watch, to understand people. I am fascinated by human interaction and the way it weaves stories.

The stories are complex, their layers and nuances are beyond words. But sometimes, if you watch closely, they unfold before your eyes, only for a split of a second. A ray of light going through the hair, a faded smile and a soft touch of a hand caught at just the right time can carry the feeling of it, not the whole, but that special little something that is unique to a
relationship, to a moment in time between people.


I love to look for that in my photography, and I can say I managed to shoot it a few times.

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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